jeudi 18 octobre 2007


Trop drôle, après notre visite chez Thrasher, Loan
est devenu une vedette au bureau de S.F.
Regarder le prochain Thrasher Loan fera parution dans le "15 minutes of fame"
Voici donc un petit texte envoyé par un staff de chez Thrasher:
She love Loan!!!

Hello hello!
It's so nice to hear from you! It sounds like you saw all the best parts of
California. I'm glad you made it home safe and sound.
Those pictures totally made my day! You're such a beautiful family; you're
very inspiring to a young lady that’s trying to start her own family :)
Loan is SO cute and happy, he's wonderful!
If it's ok with you I would like to submit a few of the pictures of him
wearing his Thrasher shirt to "15 minutes of fame" in the product section of
the magazine. I'm sure he'll make it in there! He's just too cute not to ;)
We are currently working on some more stuff for babies, like a Skate and
Destroy bib, and a Skatemag onesie. I'll definitely send some off once we
get them in, hopefully Loan will still fit in them by then!
Thank you VERY much for the invitation to come visit, I've always wanted to
visit Montreal. Maybe by then we'll have a playmate for Loan to bring with
us ;)
What is the publicity for the government about? It's a very nice picture :)


Jenny O'Brien

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